Where did we go?Mature

Dilyla looks around.

"Guys.... back up to the wall" she say quietly "slowly"

"Why?" Gerda ask.

"Oh shit" Iris whispers backing up. Everyone does it but still stay confused.

"What is it?" Gerda asks.

"We just walked into a booby trap torcher chambre..... look foot panels loose.... we need to get out" Iris whispers.

"But if its dangerous to move how do we get out?" Cadell asks.

"Light and careful footsteps" Dilyla mutters.

"....If you find these rooms hard how will we find them" Nicola hisses.

"Just stay to the wall..... any sound and curl in on yourself" Dilyla says sternly. "Gerda.... Kita watch carefully for me please"

They begins slowly round the room.

"Theres another door over there" Gerda say pointing.

"We'll take that way out.... It will probably the way ahead" Dilyla says gesturing them to follow again.

They make it round then..... "Shit" Nicola exclaims.

We all turn and the bloke below his foot sinks down and clicks.

"Run" Dilyla screams. They all sprint the last distance as the walls close in on ther room and Dilyla pushes everyone through. Then she slams the door behind her.

A few slump to the floor while others lean back on walls or lean forward on arms extended to their knees.

Dilyla scans the room. "Just a passage..... no booby traps.... suspect we'll have sort of mechanisem coming up that if failed will activate a booby trap" she mutters slightly to herself.

"I'm tired" Hope mummbles.

"We'll rest for a few minutes in will take about half an hour for the trap back there to reset then we'll have about five minutes before the door unlocks and those gun men burst through..... we can spare a few minutes" Dilyla sits down and the people who had been standing up do also.

"Lets have something to eat" She says pulling out some food and watches the others do the same. She looks at the book in her pack.

Thanks for the quest Elisa, she thinks to herself.

The End

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