Y' know that something bigs gunna happen, don't you? Gerda thinks to Dilyla, who nods in response.

She pulls an elastic band from her thin wrist, tying her wavy hair up messily. "Iris," she whispers to her.

"What?" She whispers back, as they dropped back heads close together, stopping anyone else from listening.

"Did you hear that?" Gerda looks around, her ears searching for the noise.

"Hear what?" Iris looks at her sister, a confused look planted on her face. Gerda suddenly stops her eyes widening.

"Err, Dilya," he called forwards, "I think our friends are starting to regain use of their limbs. Can you see the bottom over there?" Cadell says.

Oh, crapstickles.

"What?" Finaly asks, Nicola looks to him then to Cadell then to Dilyla.

"Run." I say, my voice sounding strangly calm.

"Why?" They all ask.

Dilyla's eyes gloss over. "Oh no."

"Move, now!" Dilyla and Gerda scream at the same time, Gerda pulls Iris and Kita down the rest of the marble stairs. 

"Why do they always come for us?" Cadell asks, panting from behind.

Dilyla answers the question, "'Cause we getting closer. And they don't want us to know, what ever it is we're finding."

"Great!" Cadell curses.

They turn a corner at a random floor, turning into an open door. Dilyla turns to me, How did you know? I mean, Cadell heard it when they were getting loud, but you already knew, something was happening didn't you?

Yes. How did you talk in my head?

...I have mind powers, you do the math. Anyway, how did you know?

I heard it.

You heard it?

U-huh. I have freakishly good senses, you know, sight, hearing and all that jazz...


Tell me about it.  Gerda looks around, her eyes widen as she sees something move in the shadows. "Uh-oh..." She mutters as dark shadow-like creatures rush at them, some glowing with powers.

Nicola and Finaly attack with water and electricity. I feel my eyes glow faster this time, but not like they usually do.

Iris glances at me, her warning voice echos in my head, "Gee. Calm down."

"I am calm." A shadow attacks her, my sisterly insticts kick up inside her. Her arms fly up, fire streams out of her hands flinging the creatures against the wall.

"GERDA!" Iris exclaim, other people stare at her.

She smiles, shaking the glow from her eyes. Everyone stares at her in shock, she coughs lightly. "Well... That was new..."

Everyone just nods at her. She giggles shakily to herself. Well done, Gee. You freak.

The End

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