Cadell: HeightsMature

Don't look down. Don't look down. Just please please don't look down.

Cadell kept as close to the wall as his lanky frame would allow, nails digging into the walls as he travelled at the back of the group. Barely anyone was making a sound, only the occasional sharp intake of breath as a piece of wall came away and tumbled down into the dark. Keeping his gaze fixed on Kita's back ahead of him, Cadell tried not to think about how far the loose pebbles had to fall before they hit the bottom.

If he started thinking about that, he'd start thinking about how long it would take him to hit the bottom.

A single ghost drifted at his side, a young woman probably from the late Victorian period, whispering in his ears as usual.

Even these stairs have a bottom. All things have a bottom. You must get to the bottom of this secret if you are to stop the terrible events that lie ahead. Just get to the bottom, all will be well.

Oh shut it, Cadell thought angrily as the ghost continued to chatter. Whenever he really didn't want the ghosts to be anywhere near him, there they were, and when he thought they might be useful, they disappeared.

A loud noise from above made Cadell jump, nearly causing him to lose his footing on the narrow stairwell. Someone was shouting, and they were getting closer.

"Err, Dilya," he called forwards, "I think our friends are starting to regain use of their limbs. Can you see the bottom over there?"

If not, it looks like we have a choice of the gunmen or the pit.

Ooh, hard choice.

The End

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