Everything was going fine but then Dilyla felt it. The touch of a cold thought.

"Stop!" She shouted everyone froze almost immedietly. She only realised that not only had she shouted it allowed she also had shouted it in everyone's head.

"I can't more" a gunman grunted.

"That's new" Dilyla whispers. It was if she could control the people's minds.

"What have you done Dilyla?" Cadell asks. It was only then she saw that it wasn't only them frozen...... the bullets in the air had stopped.

"You've got to be kidding me" She whisper walking up and picking a bullet out of the air.

Then something begins to nag in her head and she knows it wont last much longer.

"Come on guys" shes says and they are released from the time grip allowed to move around while time is stopped.

"We need to get in" She shuffles them all through then turn back just at the last second just to see time resume.

She smiles then quickly closes the door with a press of a switch from the inside.

Then total darkness. She gets a tourch out of her bag and clicks it on. Then the others do to.

She walks forward. "Wow" her voice echoes down into the pentagon stairway. She moves the beem over to the marbel steps that are slightly crumbling and line the wall with no banister.

"How the hell are we meant to get down?" Cadell shouts his voice echoing. Then he swears in welsh and Dilyla looks up at him.

"If you think this is bad ask Iris about the bridge over the canyon" she says shortly.

She knows Iris shivers behind her. "That was a death trap" Iris says.

"Everyone ready" Dilyla asks.

They all nod then she leads the way down the stairs. Let hope no one falls even though I did that pause thing earlier I don't think I'm ready to do it again yet.

"How do you think you paused time Dilyla?" Finlay asks.

"I don't know I think.... It was a mix of my power to see through time and mental...... I'm starting to think maybe my visions are more then any of us first thought..... maybe I push through time to see them, so my power might not be visions but be the power to manipulate and see through time"

"Do you think maybe you could rewind time?" Hope asks.

Dilyla shakes her head. "Even if I could, which I don't think I can, I wouldn't be able to hold it..... that pausing thing knocked the breath out of me" she mummbles.

Then everyone goes quiet as they desend the stairs.

The End

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