Nicola: They are hereMature

The pocket watch goes ballistic with flashing.

" Its probably like those cheesy video games  it probably flashess more when you get to the stairs."  I put in.

Know one agreed but followed the stupid advice which lead to a blank grey bricked wall.

" Well that did us some good." some one points out.

" Its supposed to be hidden not obviouse." another says

" Will you be quite. I'm trying to concentrate. It hard enough with everyones thoughts." Dilyla snaps.

Everyone goes listens to her and stays quite. I looked on the wall for any marks or unusual looks.  I found nothing but Dilyla figures it out some how. Part of the wall shimmers and fades into a grey metal door. 

" And thats why you don't do things yourself. Your enemies will do it for you." A male voice echoes through the room.

Gunmen came into the room ready to fire.  I fire the first shot though taking a row of them out.

The End

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