The group head towards the Empire State building, They thought is was a good place to start since it was a main landmark in new york.

Also the now new compass pocket watch was pointing towards it.

Then Dilyla had a vision.

Miles below. Elevator down below marked down button. Hidden stairway passage.

Below..... the Empire State building.

"You've got to be kiding me" Dilyla says literally stunned shock.

"What?" Gerda asks.

"The Secret.... whatever it is...... is under the Empire State building"

"No" Iris gasps.

"You can't be serious" Nicola says gawking at the large building than at me.

"How are we going to get beneath it?" Finlay asks.

"Take the elevator to the lowest level...... then find the Hidden Stairway Passage...... this is going to be a long day..... We better get supplies"

They head for the shops. They buy snacks like crisps, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate.

Then drinks juice, fizzy, smoothies, fruit juice.

Then they get adventure equiptment. Walking boots, proper thick trousers, climbing gear, tourches, batteries, emergency gear.

"You've done this many time before haven't you" Finlay says.

She looks at him and nod.

"We better get going...... better get sleeping bags.... don't think we'll be coming up for a while"

Once we're all set we head for the Empire State building and we get into the depths easily.

"What now?" Hope asks.

Then the Pocket begins to flash and the compass goes wild.

"That things full of supprises" Kita says in awe.

The End

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