Cadell: WhisperingsMature

Cadell stuck his head out of the window, listening to the breeze as it ruffled his hair. It was late night and Finlay and Nicola were, as far as Cadell could see, still asleep. He heard their even, regular breathing in the background as he peered out into the dark, peat-dark eyes narrowed slightly as he peered into the shadows. Several ghosts hovvered in the air before him, but he ignored them. They were all nattering about the same thing anyway.

Find a place to dump that book and run, that's what's been getting you into all this trouble.

The riddle holds the answer, ask Dilya, you've got to solve it before you get anywhere.

The book and the riddle are both linked to this Eliza girl. Trace her, and you get what you want.

Cadell sighed and shook his head. He knew what the ghosts were telling him was important, but right now he just couldn't make sense of a thing they were telling him. Whatever reason Dilya had dragged them all to New York, he had yet to figure it out. He would have been asleep now, had it not been for the nightmares that plagued him. Ghosts, gunshots, bullets, blood, screaming and a thousand other horrific images had flashed before his eyes, crushing all rational thought and leaving no room for anything but terror.

Cadell had had to wake himself up before he started screaming.

Suddenly, a movement in the street below caught his eye. Ducking low against the windowpane, Cadell peered over the top and watched as a single figure stepped out of a side alley and looked up at the hotel. A shivver went down his spine, not of fear, but of sheer unease. He didn't think this figure was particularly malicious, but right now it didn't seem very friendly either.

The indistinct figure looked up at the hotel for several minutes, standing still as a statue and completely silent. Cadell too kept his lips clamped shut and even the ghosts had gone silent, as if worried the figure would see them. After a long while, the figure turned away and vanished back into the night. Cadell breathed a sigh of relief, relaxing the muscles that had subconsciously tensed during the stare-off.

That was creepy, he thought to himself. Why would someone be watching the hotel? Do they know we're here? If so, what do they want with us?

Chewing his lip nervously, he moved away from the window and stalked back over to the bed. He'd tell Dilya about this in the morning. It could wait until then.

The End

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