Just Run!Mature

Dilyla quickly yanked Nicola back and everyone froze.

Then a vision hit here.

Guns. Bullets.... must run..... NOW!

"Everyone run" Dilyla says picking up Kita and giving her a piggy back. She looked to ill to walk let alone run.

"Why?" Iris asks.

"Just run!" She shouts. Everyone begins to run then bullets pierce the air. Hope screams.

Kita slumps against Dilyla's back now unconsious.

"Run!" She shouts. Finlay's quite slow and she grabs his hand and pull him along behind her.

Nicola is at the front with Cadell, Iris and Gerda on his heels with Dilyla, Hope, Kita and Finlay at the back.

Great I've been forced with babysitting duty, Dilyla thinks sadly.

"Faster" She encorages. Finlay yells when a bullet scraps his side but Dilyla keeps him moving.

"Iris" she shouts. Iris drops back a bit running at Finlays side. She places a hand to it and it heals quickly.

"Stay with Gerda.... she looks scared" Dilyla says seeing Gerda rushed movements and hearing her fearful thought.

Iris nods and jogs up ahead.

They run for and an hour and a half before Dilyla finally says its safe. They all lean against the walls of the alley and rest back.

"Great.... now what we gonna do" Finlay says anger in his voice.

Poor kid, Dilyla thinks. "We find a place to stay.... then get searching tommorow"

And thats what they do getting three, three bed rooms.

Cadell, Finlay and Nicola share, then Kita and Hope, then Gerda, Iris and Dilyla.

But eventually Dilyla ends up with Kita and Hope.

The End

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