"Where the hell did they come from, and how are we going to get past them without blowing the building up?" Nicola asked, looking at Gerda.

I smiled. I controlled the light and sound coming from us, until the only waves escaping were too large or small for anyone to see. "We're invisible." I said. "Hurry, I can't keep this up for long."

"Can we trust you to keep them from shooting at us?" Nicola said. I thought I must have been imagining the emphasis on trust.

I stiffened. "Yes! I'll even make some noise come from over there. They'll think it's us, but... it'll just be some sound waves. C'mon!" We hurried from our cover, and I saw the gunmen turn and shoot at where I had created the wavelengths of sound.

"Wow." Hope said. "That's strange..."

Nicola crept up behind one of them. "That blundering, stupid half-wit!" I hissed. "Come. Back!"

It was too late. Electromagnetic waves burst through my head, and I cried out. I saw a strange blackness creep along the edges of my vision, and the last thing I remembered seeing was the electrons coming flying through the air.

"If I go unconcious, they can see you again!" I cried.

And that was when the displacement of the electrons hit me. Though too small for anyone else to see, their force was like running into a brick wall.

The End

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