Nicola: Well isnt that just unfair.Mature

The excitement level on the plane really amped it up when we landed on water everyone was freaking. I would have said something to calm the crowd down but hey I usually make things go from bad to worse. The crowd eveuntally got Dilyla to fly the plane to the airport. She used her privilges given to her by the headmaster. I knew A fair bit about Dilyla well it was hard not too , always seemed to have something that the headmaster would give her or let her do.  I particulaly didn't care I had enough problems with fights.  

We got to walk pass airport security. I was really relieved becuase I know that I will interfere with the scanners with electric energy but something else got me a little worried I saw gun men from the school.  I twitch my shoulder and a military combat knife  falls through my jacket sleeve into the palm of my hand. I walk up to catch up to Dilyla to inform her but the it was too late.

Bang, Bang bang,. and all hell broke loose.

" Oh this is juts unfair!" I comment as I take cover behind a support pillar.  The others where scattered behind cover as more gunmen poored into the room.  One of them comes around the pillar to meet me I stab him in the kidney , spin kick him to the ground as I steal myself a pistol from his vest.   I saw gunfire from Dilyla possesion her aim was incredible as it hit the gunmen in vulnerable place between there bullet proof vest.  Gerda was blowing studd into pieces taking a fair bit of the action The Finlay kid seemed to be quite effiecent fighting with water.

Alright they're are fine  and taking up all the action.  I dive out from the pillar and duck under bullets. I take a few shots with the pistol to find out that I couldn't hit the broad side od barn with it so I tossed it away and reverted my power.  BOOM! I make thundering noise as I fire shoot bolts of lightning  that made huge explosions on impact with walls or people.  As we progress forwards the gun men began to fall back into halls where it near to step in without getting shot.

We take cover behind the walls.

" Where the hell did they come from , and how are going to get past them without blowing the building up." I look at in Gerdas direction at the last part of the sentence.

The End

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