I hate how I'm trainedMature

She pulls the plane out of the water thanks to Cadell's protest. Dilyla didn't want to use a proper landing sight but its seems she didn't have a choice.

"Happy now" She shouts a him. He goes red slightly. She flicks a control and the doors lower.

"Thank you for flying with Plane Outsiders" she mutters to her self.

As they get off the plane an engineer and a few of security approach us.

Unfortunately... while they speak English there heritage is spanish. Well the engineer is any how.

"I have a pass" Dilyla says it first in spanish before in english. She flashes the pass.

"Uh... sure" the engineer mutters. His accent is thick and now he and the three men behind him are not sure what to do.

She strides past them and the group follows.

"You've done this before?" Finlay asks.

"Dilyla has done a number of tasks for the headmaster... I went with her on one of them" Iris explains knowing Dilyla hates speaking about this topic.

Cadell joins in clearly better from his air sickness.

"He's Dilyla's legal guardian. He's trained her for things like this all her life. That's why....."

"I'm distant and different from people at the school" Dilyla turns and look back at them. "Its okay to say it"

Cadell coughs and continues. "He payed for all her studies. She can fly any jet or aircraft. She fluent in most languages. Is studying old text like Mayan, greek and things like that. She can ride moterbike, drive any on land vehicle or water..... Did I miss anything out?"

"Hmm, oh yeah. She's done almost every fighting sport you can think of...... which you've probably saw when she went back for you. She's-"

"Can you stop now?" Dilyla turns back to look at them. Pleeding in her eyes. "They don't need to know all this. Yes I'm highly trained get over it"

Then her pace quickens and she feels guilt spreading through out the group. It's only now she realises she was crying when she had turned to look at them and now the tears were freely rolling down her cheeks.

The End

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