Cadell: Sinking!Mature

Cadell felt the plane hit the water like a truck into a brick wall. For a moment, all was still. Then, slowly, he turned to survey his companions:

"Is everyone alright?" he called. A chorus of pained yowls answered him. Trying to quell the sickness that was rising in his throat, Cadell moved over to the nearest window and peered out, hoping to get an idea of where they were.

Oh gods. We're sinking.

All sickness forgotten, Cadell shot down the length of the plane towards the cockpit, eyes wide and face pale with panic:

"Dilya! What the hell just happened? You've just landed us in the water you idiot, we're sinking! Where's the goddam emergency exit, we've got to get out of here before we drown!"

"Chill out," she snapped, "The water's not that deep."

Cadell snorted, "Deep or no, when it gets into the cabin the pressure will trap us. We'll be fish food before we can get out, else we'd be crushed under the pressure of the water coming in. We need to get out of here before the exits are submerged... now where's the goddam escape hatch in this thing?"

Don't shout at her! That's not going to help you at all!

Cadell groaned and slapped his forehead. As if this couldn't get any worse, now the ghosts were back. Just when he thought they'd left him alone, back they came at the most inconvenient moment.

He and his friends would soon be joining them if they didn't get out of the plane...

The End

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