Relaxed at long last...Mature

As they take off, everyone screams, that is of course, everyone minus Gerda. She sits back in her seat, letting the seat cusions melt around her head. She closes her eyes, letting the sounds of everyone else drone out.

She slowly opens her eyes and glances outside of the small porthole. Clouds float underneigh them, the sun sets in the distance. She smiles slightly to herself, the sight of the sun dieing over the sea, calms her down.

She hears Iris chit-chatting to Kita. Cadell looks sick, whilst everone else looks seriously freaked out. Gerda slips her hand around her own neck (just in case you were thinking otherwise) and pulls her long hair away from it. She lick her lips and looks back out of the window.

She screams, jumping from her chair ending up in the middle of the plane, cowering behind her knees.

Iris is on her feet, leaning over her sister. "You OK, Gee? You look a little freaked out."

"I-I...." She breathes out. This can't be happening.

"Gee," she hold Gerda's hands in her own. "Seriously, what's going on?"

Gerda takes a deep breath. "Okay..." Another breath. "I...I... I see... I saw a... the... Oh God." She takes her hands back and burries her head in them.

"W-What... What did you see?"

She barks out a scarcastic laugh. "You wouldn't believe me."

"How do you know? I see dead people, for Christ's sake." Cadell exclaims.

"Ok then, I saw the evil little spirts, whom sometimes posses me, fly past..." Silence. "Yeah. I think they're heading to New York, New York too. Which means, they probably be looking for what we're looking for." She laughs out a ghost of her old laugh.

"Are you sure, Gee?" Iris asks calmly, pulling a couple of small, deadly knives out.

"Yeah, 'cause I wouldn't recognise them, they've only been fighting over me with the good ones since I was five years old!" She mutter, more than slightly annoyed that they don't believe her. She's supprised at her sudden calmness, but doesn't show her suprise.

Iris nods slightly, she passes me a couple of my knives. I stand up and slide them into the holsters in my boots. I pull on my fingerless gloves, pull my burgandy hair up into a ponytail.

She walks into the cock pit to warn Dilyla of the on coming troubles.

"Hey, Dilyla..."

The End

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