Cadell: Eurgh...Mature

Had he been able to, Cadell would probably have thrown up there and then. He and planes did not mix well and, were it not for the seemingly crushing G-forces shoving him back into the seat, would most likely be puking his guts up. He'd already turned a very odd shade of green as the plane took off. Even though he knew the flight was not particularly bumpy, Cadell was aware of every movement of the plane.

When the plane levelled out, Cadell leaned over and retched. Luckily for him, he hadn't eaten in well over five hours, but the noise he made was truly sickening.

At least there's no ghosts up here. I think they're about as fond of air travel as I am. Oh gods look at me, it's pathetic!

I need to distract myself.

Still feeling nauseous, Cadell turned to Finlay, who was giving him a very worried look, and grinned weakly:

"This is fun eh?" he said sarcastically, "I'll bet fighting off gunmen will be cake after this. If we can survive Dilya's flying we can survive anything at this rate."

"I heard that!" Dilya called back from the cockpit. Cadell gulped and someone nearby snickered.

"She's gonna get revenge for that isn't she." Cadell said to himself in Welsh, "She's gonna get me back and then I'll really suffer for it. Oh joy."

As if reading his mind, Dilya brought the plane into a shallow dive. Cadell groaned and leaned back over the side of his seat, tongue hanging out of his mouth and as green as it was as humanly possible to be.

Just wait till we hit turbulence...

The End

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