Don't slagMature

When Dilyla realised that Finlay and Kita were no longer following in the group she told the group to stay where they were and ran off to find them.

Strange that once again she found them among trouble staring into the barrel of a shout gun.

"Hey" she shouted. The man jumped.

She hit down on his wrist brought it back up and caught the shotgun as it fell. She slammed the end in to his stomach and he rolled over in pain.

"Don't slag" Dilyla says shortly to the shocked people in front of her.

"How do you do it?" he asks shocked.

She shrugs then slipping on the strap of the gun and positioning it on her back. She knelt down next to the man and checked what else he had.

£250 in cash and another gun, a small one in a holster. She straped the holster round her hip and turned to the other two.

She had a strange feeling she looked like a spy or secret agent.

"We should get going.... don't slag" they followed and Dilyla made sure she didn't go to fast. She had the tendency to do that. Her fast reflexes were hard to control when she was panicing and rushing things.

They met up with the others and everyone gasped as they saw the plane.

"How the hell?" Gerda exclaims.

"Get on" Dilyla says shortly.

They all get on and she straps herself into the pilot seat.

"Can she fly?" Finlay asks.

"Yeah..... you may want to sit back" Iris says.

"Why?" Hope asks. Dilyla flicks the control to open the roof. She grips the controls tightly.

"This is why" Iris whispers. Then Dilyla pulls back. The plane begins to move but everyone's forced back in there seats.

"Ahhh!!!" They all scream.

"Shit" Dilyla shouts and turns slightly just avoiding the roof that opened up.

Then we begin to slow down and everyone stays silent. But there thoughts are screaming.

That was AMAZING! That was scary... but exciting..... and WE COULD HAVE DIED!!

Yeesh dont they trust me, Dilyla thought. Then the plane continued its path through the sky.

The End

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