Nicola: New York thenMature

One of the trainer, Iris I think it was. Was healing my heavily burnt arm.

" Stop it, your not going to get anywhere its Burnt to a crisp It will take forever. Thanks for healing my chest wound though." I say beginiing to move.

" Hold still." She hits me over the head.

I look down and it begins to heal faster then I thought she could heal it.

" Thanks." I say kindly as possible.

Afterwards Gerda pulls out a pocket watch which spews out papers , and Dilyla goes into a sort of trance then announces we are looking for something in New York. I decided going was probably a good oppertunity to stretch my legs so I went to my room quickly and gathered my combat army knife just incase using my powers would be to suspicious and a few extra shirts and jeans.  I left the painkillers those bring me too much trouble remembering the many times I just fought until my fists where bloody and I was probably in intense pain.  I take a few batteries made just for the times I'm to exhuasted to produce my own energy.

I head back to the room excited to prove myself more than a guy who likes to brutally fight people and isn't all that intelligent.


The End

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