Kita: LeaveMature

I had trouble not screaming while they were talking. I saw the the electrons, electricity, coming from Nicola. Electromagnetic waves. Felt them too. Like holding onto a fork and sticking it in an electric outlet, it was.

I promptly turned on my heel and went to my room. This should have been a normal day. But no. Now that I was away from Nicola, I focussed on tuning out those waves.. a certain wavelength. A few hundred nanometres? Should do it.

I stared at my walls, a dark, sombre green, and thrust my things into a backpack. A large backpack, to be sure, but I had no extra things.

Except... at the last moment, I grabbed a book from the foot of my bed. Not large or small, not colourful or plain, just a regular book. But I opened it, and looked at the pages within. Strange colours, beside pictures of waves of varying crests and troughs... my book of light waves.

I also grabbed my iPod, specially stocked with different sounds. That and the book were important to keep my ears and eyes in tune. Soon I got back, and most were assembled. Everyone, with serious expressions, stood beside each other.

I finally was able to look at everyone. Before, I had been focussing on not losing it. But now it was faint background noise, and I saw those I had not met before. "Hello." I said to Hope.

"Hello." she said. "Kita?"

"Yes. Nice to meet you." I stood beside Hope as everyone gathered close.

"Let's go. Everyone here?"

The End

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