Dilyla nodded and Cadell left. Blimey he has it bad. Although she now had a headache now.

"The books full protected. The locks magic and I have the only key" shes say. "Okay, clothes and esentials only. Put them in a water proof back pack, if you haven't got one theres a few in the storage cupboard... Any questions?"

They all shoke their heads. "Let's get going be back here in ten minutes" She says sternly.

Everyone rushes off but Gerda walks over to her as does Finlay and Iris.

"How are we going to get to New York?" Finlay asks.

"Don't worry. The headteacher got me a great 12th birthday present two years ago" Dilyla says smiling slightly.

"What?" Gerda asks.

"He got her a plane" Iris says.

"WHAT!?!" Finlay and Gerda exclaim almost in sync.

"Youch guys" Dilyla says clutching my head. It hurts like hell now.

"Sorry" Finlay says.

"Opps sorry" Gerda mutters patting down a small fire that burst out on her shoulder of her t-shirt.

"How are we going to find this Secret though?" Iris asks.

"What is the Secret?" Finlay asks.

"I don't know. We'll just have to work it out when we get there.... I'm get some paracetamol" Dilyla mutters turning on her heels and heading off.

May as well bring some for the road, she thinks, Iris may be a healer but she can only heal physical wounds.

The End

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