Cadell: BreakdownMature

Oh heck. This will set them off...

Cadell whimpered and gritted his teeth as, true to prediction, the ghosts immediately set upon him.

... you can't go to New York!

... not enough time, so much else to do!

... the book is dangerous! Don't mess with it!

... New York won't help, work out the riddle!

... The riddle holds the secrets!

"ENOUGH!" Cadell roared out loud, sending ghosts and living alike reeling. He stood up, eyes blazing and wheeled on the transparent figures only he could see:

"Get out of here!" he yowled in Welsh, "Get your sorry ectoplasmic selves out of here this moment! If I here one more word out of you I swear I'll jump off the roof! Leave me alone you jabbering fools, I have enough to worry about without you in my ears! GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Looking shocked, the ghosts faded out obediently. However, Cadell could still hear their whisperings ringing in his ears, feel their cold presences in his mind. He groaned and let his head fall into his hands, exhausted at the sudden burst of energy. After all the trauma of the last hours, this really was the last thing he needed. Looking up, he noticed everyone looking at him with expressions of utter alarm:

"Sorry," he said in English, "I just couldn't take it. They just won't stop jabbering at me... I'm sorry." He took a deep breath, wiping the tears out of his eyes.

"Right." he said, trying to sound normal again, "We're going to need some spare clothes, food and maybe a weapon or two. Our powers ought to deal with most of it, but I'd recommend bringing a baseball bat or something just in case. I'll go find the kitchens and bring back some tinned stuff, the rest of you start thinking what we can do to hide this book - I'm pretty sure that's what these maniacs were after. I'll be back soon, wait here."

Yeah, right after I've gotten over my breakdown. Heck, they probably think I'm mad now!

Great work Cadell.

The End

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