"Hiya" Dilyla says.

Her thoat suddenly feels dry. Then she's notices an extra person. Iris?

Oh, yeah I forgot Iris is Gerda's sister, she remembers. And the only one who can calm her down. Positive with Negative.

Iris is also patching up a boy.

"Hold still" Iris says hitting the boy over the head. That, she thinks, is Nicola.

"What did you bring us here for?" Dilyla looks at Cadell who's face is screwed up in pain. Of course it will be, the ghosts will be going haywire.

Dilyla can hear some of the things there saying through his head. Also about the book. She grips it tight the walks up to the table slamming the book down.

Then she gets the script out.

"What are they?" Hope asks leaning forward.

"Diary of Elisa Dena, 1984 and the script she was brought in to translate" Dilyla says calmly. Then she looks at Gerda.

"Pocket watch here" she says tapping the top of the paper. Gerda stares at her hard then slowly brings it out.

She puts it where I told her but keeps her hands on the table close.

"Open it please" I say. Everyone begins to bunch in, crowding around the table.

Gerda opens the watch then light spills out.

Several sheets of paper apear on the desk and a song begins to play. Dilyla picks up the sheets but listens quietly.

It's a soft tune played on the flute. Dilyla gasps as she's thrown bback into the past.

Daniel plays the final note then places the flute upon his lap.

"Beautiful" I whisper.

"Ain't it just, Elisa" he says smiling at me. This is Elisa's point of view, Dilyla thought, so this must be a vision of the past.

I turn to look at the school. "I should bbe getting back. Mr To- I mean Toujours, would kill me if he found out I was out so long"

"He doesn't have a claim over you Elisa, your a free person" Daniel says his voice stern. I turn to look at him and smile.

"I know.... but its still something I agreed to do" Elisa says.

"Here" he places something cold in my hand. "You want to hide it this will help"

I look down at it. A golden pocket watch. On it 'Forever and Always Yours - Daniel Wolf"

I gasp and look up at him. He leans in and kisses me. At first its just a brush of the lips but then as my hands wrap round his neck the kiss is taken to a new level.

"Thank you" I whisper. Now I have him and somewhere to hide those cursed papers. "I'll never be without it"

Dilyla gasps as she's brought back to the present and everyone's staring at her.

"What did you see?" Cadell asks.

"The past when Elisa Dena recieved that" She says nodding at the watch that has finished its song. Gerda takes it back and slips it in her pocket.

"From Daniel Wolf" she says. Dilyla nods.

"And these" Dilyla says. "Are the translation of the script"

If you value your sanity do not search for the Secret.

It is powerful and can only be controlled properly by one of pure heart.

The msytery lies among the hidden runes below a soon to be city.

As told by the great seer of things.

We will hid this Secret till the end of time and hope no one dares searching for it.

The location..... New York City.

"NEW YORK!!!" Finlay exclaims once Dilyla had finished reading the script.

"Someone would have found it by now" Kita says.

"Not necessarily, if its protected by magic like this school" Nicola adds.

"Seems we're going on a journey..... Now what will we need?" Dilyla says smiling.

The End

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