Nicola: Okay I'll head thereMature

As I look down at my arm its burnt black , and it was in alot of pain. I wince at the sight of it.

" Thats why I have to train with higher voltages." I tell myself. As I head back to my rubbel covered room . I open the small bar fridge that I put drinks or snacks in. At the bottom is a Ice unit and I grab few of the cubes. I taped them onto my arm then wrap it all up with a few bandages.  I bared through the pain as I got up to look for proper burn administering packs.

I also check my chest wound. It was lightly bleeding and it needed some stitches, and few other things done to it, seeing that there isn't a doctor around I'll live with it.  I was heading to the medical room a boy with glasses , and blond hair barreled into me.  I hit the floor and I was about to hit the kid in anger but my left arm shooted with pain before I could do so.

" Hey are you , Nicola? I don't think your name would be Hope or Kita." He says to me.

" Yeah I'm Nicola what of it?"  I get up brusing my self off. My chest wound begins to a leak a bit more blood doing so.

" Dilyla  wants you in the libary. Its important." He tells me.

" Okay I'll head there. Just need to patch myself up slightly better.Whats your name by the way" I say turning around into the medical room. 

"Finlay. Do you know who Hope , or Kita is? " He asks

" Nope, Kita sounds familiar but I don't think I know her." I say turning into the doorway. I pick up the proper burn pads and head there. 

" Hello , someone wanted me?"  I say walking through trying to sound upbeat.

The End

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