The top shelf of the deserted hallwayMature

She dragged Finlay along behind her as she headed through the libary. She went to the back where she found the back door.

She turned to the boy. "Stay here... guard it" she gestured the door then headed for the libary desk.

She vaulted it as somethings shook the building making dust fall. She grabbed the key from the draw then ran back to Finlay who looked frightened as hell.

"We should be helping" he shouted as Dilyla shoved the key in the locked and turned she open the door and shoved the boy through taking the key with her. She locked it again from the other side then turned too scan the room.

Dirty, dusty and mucky. No one ever comes here.

"People are attacking the school what the hell do you think your doing?" Finlay shouts at her. She pulls the key out of the lock and head for the bookcase.

She grabs the ladder and pull it along to the part of the room where its almost a corridor.

"What are you doing?" he asks. She climbs the ladder and begins scanning the top shelf.

"Looking for something" She mutters pushing the ladder futher on.

"What though?" he asks. Her eyes go wide as she sees a thin golden tube, the sort of thing to hold large paper documents all rolled up with a strap.

She takesit off the shelf and climbsdown. She walks past Finlay going to the open area of the room where there is a table.

She open the tube and pulled out a large old document. Carefully she lays it out.

"That looks really old" Finlay says adjusting his glasses and peering at it.

"Yeah it is" Dilyla mutters. She rolls it back up putting it back in the tube. She slings the strap over her shoulder then heads out the room.

Finlay follows quick at her heels. She turns to face him.

"Fetch me Gerda, Hope, Cadell, Nicola and Kita.... Now" He jumps but runs off to find the people. He turns at the last second.

"Who's Hope, Nicola and Kita?" he asks shouting across the libary.

"Cadell will know ask him" I shout back. He nods then runs off. I sigh.

I'll fetch the book and return here. And that's what she does. Returning with the diary to find everyone she asked Finlay to fetch waiting in the Ancient Book room, in the libary.

The End

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