Nicola: My turnMature

A blast sounds from upstairs and rubbles crushes the guy with a gun against my head.

" Heres my chance." I kick his head in.

I found his radio and take the batteries out. I can't create the energy to defend myself but I can steal it.  I proceeded to run from the building where helicopters where landing and soldiers where stepping out.  oh isnt that fantastic?  I look for any means of running away there wasn't any. I look back into the somewhat destroyed school and see an exposed transformer. A huge grin grows on my face as I roll out of the way storm of lead. I touch the exposed transformer ,and like that a small explosion of electricity burst from my body. It was easy as I made a cloud of electricity hover over the soldiers. They are all burnt to a crisp. When I was done I looked at my left arm know it may be severely burned from touching the  transformer.

The End

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