Cadell: GhostsMature

Cadell staggered out of the rubble, bloodied, bruised and very very scared. All around him ghosts were jabbering in his ears, all trying to tell him a million different things at once. And yet all of them mentioned the same thing. A book.

Cursing loudly in Welsh, Cadell tried to shake the ghosts off, but they were persistent. In the end he simply ran, darting through the masses of students, trying desperately to get rid of the ghosts.

Then he ran smack-bang into Iris. The collision knocked him off balance and he landed flat on his face in the rubblefield, yowling in pain and alarm. Then he saw the girl lying beside him. He recognised her from earlier, she was the one he'd helped by the tree. It must have been her that caused all the damage, Cadell reasoned, who else would have that kind of destructive power? Ever since the fighting started the ghosts hadn't stopped talking about her and how dangerous she was.

The ghost of the recently killed teacher had been the worst of the lot, howling in his ears and begging him to go and do something about her. Sometimes Cadell hated it how ghosts became prophetic when they died. What he hated even more was that they expected him to do something about it.

Scrambling untidily to his feet, rubbing bruises as he went, Cadell turned to face Finlay and Iris:

"Alright," he said, "What the heck is going on? The school's a mess, there's shots being fired and I have half a hundredweight of ghosts yapping in my ears. Please, someone, tell me what's the hell is happening!"

The End

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