Chaos's daughterMature

"I'll be right back, Gerda. You stay here." Iris nods shakes her shoulder slightly, Kita looks up and shrugs, following Iris out of the room. Leaving Gerda all alone in the silence. She sighs, getting up from the table, she walks to the door. The coppery smelt of water seaps under the water.

She turns around to face the door, her eyes naturally wide, her mouth slightly open in interest. She shakes herself pulling out the watch. She rubs it with her thumb, reminding her of Aladin. Her brows crease together as she finds a neat incription on the back. 'Forever and Always Yours ~ Daniel Wolf.'

"Daniel Wolf? Who the heck is he?" She whispers to herself. Gun shots outside make her jump, the watch leaps out of the hand, she dives forward to catch it. She shoves it deep into her pocket, her lungs inhaling deeply.

Curiousity gets the better of her. She edges to the door slowly opening it. Screams rocket into her system, taking her by supprise. Oh no! Her eyes turn for their usual emerald apperance getting darker and darker. Chaos's true daughter is coming.

She walks in, a zombie of her normal self. The ground echos around her, shaking the very foundations. People stop what they're doing, most scream other's just let the ground shake them. Bit of ceiling fall down to the ground, narrowly missing an elephant. Random items combust, leaving most of the area encased in flames.

Iris turns to Gerda, her sapphire blue eyes shining. "Gerda, stop!" The words simply fly past her. Her eyes are now blacker than coal, blacker than the midnight sky. The destroyer's true eyes encase her own. "GERDA! FIGHT IT!"

"...Can't..." Gerda manages to gasp out. Iris comes over to her, the girl that can have all negative energy control her body, and let it use her like a car.

Before she can reach her, the power inside of Gerda explodes out of her, flying Iris against the water-boy-wonder,  who's forced into a brick wall. A trainer tries to take Gerda down, she lifts her arm in response, mutters the language of chaos the trainer is forced out of a window.

Blood prickles to her skin, her body shakes, the windows explode inwardly. The floor from upstair cracks and resounds to the ground. The earth splits open. The chaos escapes.

NO!... Cannot... Do... This...!

She forces the chaos out of her, it comes out like a banshee. It screams in her face, making her go light headed. It goes back into the split earth. The school is left is in ruins. Three quarters of the school is now rubble, half of the student population is unconicous. Three dead.

Gerda collapses to the floor, as she does the last thing she hears is Iris screaming out her name.

The End

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