Dilyla raced to her room. She locked the door and went to the secret compartment in the floor. She unlocked it, getting out the book. She unlocked the lock on the book and sat down on her bed.

Maybe something will be in here telling Dilyla why they want this book so bad.

She turns to the next entry, which is after a drawing of a boy. Dilyla thinks it will probably be a boy Elina likes.

14 June 1984

Dear Diary,

The picture I drew a few minutes ago in her is Daniel Wolf. His power is sort of like to produce three blades from his knuckles.

Also he has the ability to make his skin impenitrable.

I think I'm in love with him. I hope he likes me to although I do catch him looking at me every now and then. He came into the libary at lunch and sat at my table.

He was very kind to me. But at that point I was unable to focus on his presence. I know I will certain I'll get in trouble for this but..... I've hidden the Script.

It began to talk of something dangerous that can only be trusted to someone of pure heart and intentions. It also mentioned one is only born every thousand years.

It hardly likely to be anyone I know but I'm still hidding the thing. I'm going to put a small code in her so if someday I need to I will be able to find it again.

Eht Pto Lefsh Fo Het Serdeted lalhyaw.

Mixed up random letters basically but still I've put it with a hidden meaning. Only I know the meaning to it. I hope.

Elisa Dena

Dilyla knows the meaning of it. 'The top shelf of the deserted hallway'. She supposes in Elisa's times not many people knew about the name for the place.

But these days a few do.

The top shelf.... in the ancient book section. Dilyla jumped up. Secured the book locked the lock around it then in the secret compartment. Then closing her door after her she raced out of her room and headed for the libary.

It might be difficult to get there with this commotion around.

The End

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