Kita: Radio? Sorry...Mature

"Just a moment." I said. I kept the sound from Gerda, and turned to Iris. "And who else knows? Anyone?" I hissed. She shook her head a little. I heard something. "Wait..." I let the sound shield go, and I heard it... louder.

"What is it?" Iris asked.

"Radio? Sorry...  I'm just listening to a really good song." I said, a little sheepishly. Gerda rolled her eyes, and I saw that her fit of anger was passing. "Just between you and me, and her? We never had this conversation?" I asked.

"Yes." She nodded in affirmation.  "'Least for now."

"Good. But... Where are all these radar waves coming from? Ah, nevermind. There's a plane going overhead or something." I tuned it all out.

Iris grinned, just a little turn of her mouth. "Is it annoying?"

"Sometimes, yes. Once, I went somewhere in the middle of the wilderness. Far far away from any other people. Light, sound, still there."

"You purposely went to the middle of nowhere to see if you could still hear and see?" Gerda said sceptically.

"Yes... I don't need human company. Ever." I forced the last sound out forcefully, and I wasn't surprised that it was almost above normal wavelengths. I flicked my long blue-black hair over my shoulder. "Now. I've pretty much told you about my whole life. It's your turn."

The End

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