The destroyer.Mature

"Oh, and while you've been sitting here, chatting, or so I think, about how much you hate each others' company," What the hell are you on about? Gerda thinks, trying to process the pass sentance, she misses most of the next sentance. "A small war of sorts. A teacher's dead."

"I know," Gerda replies shortly. The girl - Kita - looks supprised. "What do you mean, you hate each others' company?" Gerda frowns, as she asks Kita.

Kita doesn't answer. "What do you mean, you know a teacher's dead? How could you if you've been in here?"

"I've only been in here for a minute or two," she turns to her sister. "Do you hate me?" Iris smirks and shakes her head, Odd.

"So why aren't you out fighting?!" Kita bellows.

Iris laughs darkly, but as then she sees Gerda flinch. "'Cause, some powers are too dangerous," Iris says, placeing a hand on Gerda's arm, sending calming vibes into her. She responds by breathing deeply.

"That's no excuse, though!" Kita replies addiment. "We need all the help we can get, what can you do Iris?"

"I'm a healer."


"I'm a destroyer."

Kita gasps, her eyebrows going in together. "How...?"

"It doesn't matter, I can't control myself or my powers, therefore I cannot go outside. Not unless you want everyone to die." Gerda looks away, solomly. Iris and Kita exchange worried glances.

The End

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