Trying to blend in, I rushed with the crowd down the hall. I wouldn't be able to help. My skills were totally and utterly useless. I could see and hear beyond the wavelength of "visible" light and "audible" sound, and manipulate them. Oh, great.

Those with offensive skills were all rushing to the front. I hung back, watching. I saw Finlay in the midst of the screaming children. Unaffected by the mayhem, I saw waves of light being transmitted from everything and everyone. X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves, ultraviolet, infrared. I could also control which waves I was seeing and hearing.

And radio frequencies. Yeah, I'm a human radio. Oh well, it does mean I can tap into any television show I want, and I can listen to radio without a radio. Also, being able to control the light and sound waves made me able to sort of... go invisible and go really quietly.

I remembered when I had first gotten my power, how everything had been so unrecognisable. it had taken weeks for me to stop screaming because of the strange light that I saw coming from everything, and the strange sounds.

For instance, I could tell if something was moving away or towards me, just by the wavelength of light they were emitting. And colours. Everything has different colours, ones that I had no name for, plus I can see through things. Infrared.

Finally I pushed my way through the throng of people. I suddenly heard something... "Backup!" I could tell it was on a radio frequency.

"Someone's calling backup!" I yelled. No one noticed. I found Finlay the great, himself, and yelled at him. "Idiots, backup is coming! I heard it, radio waves!" He gave me a strange look. "Don't ask me how I know that, you're supposed to be the freak here."

I pushed my way through the people, and finally got out. I walked around for a while, unable to think of anything better to do. I looked around, and saw into one classroom. Gerda and Iris were talking.

I opened the door, and walked in. "Hey!" I said. "Don't mind me." I controlled the wavelengths coming from me, and I disappeared. I caged the light, like throwing a blanket over myself.

"Don't do that!" one of them cried. I heard a shriek or two above normal audibility. "Who's there?"

"Ah, right. You don't know me. I know you. It's extremely fun to creep around invisible. I'm Kita." I became visible once again. The light, caged so violently, burst out. Of course, compressed so much, the wavelength was too small for them to see.

"Hi Kita." Iris said. I heard a note of irritability in her voice.

"Oh, and while you've been sitting here chatting, or so I think, about how much you hate each other's company, there's been..." I paused. "a small war of sorts. A teacher's dead."

And I waited for their reply.

The End

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