Nicola: Wasn't out for longMature

Whack , Whack!

" Wake up electric brat!" Someone yells my mouth was feeling with blood.

I open my eyes the world was unclear , and I was in pain ,It was hard to breath.  What have I done now?  As world came into focus there was a guy with a gun pointed directly on my head. I remembered instantly. I was still in the hall and my own blood had created a small puddle underneath my body. Someone had patched up wound but it was still bleeding.

" What.... the hell do ..... you want?" I say imbetween breaths.

" I want some students , and your going to be bait lure them in. Thats why your still alive." He grins at his simple plan.

I try to electrocute him but I was so weak I only generated small shock.

" Say a word brat and." He cocks his pistol.

I understood the message only to well.  

The End

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