Gerda turns away from Dilyla, after arranging a meeting with her in the libary. Gerda spots a trainer ahead, she swirves into an oncoming classroom. She hears passers by clip and clop pass the door, for some unknown reason to her, she is on edge.

A cough makes her look up at someone else in the room, black hair swoops around her face. Ahh hell.

The girl smiles. "Hey, Gerda," she gets up and bows slightly.

Gerda copies, "Hello, Iris. Long time no see."

"Or speek, or be anywhere near each other. Anyone would think that you've been avoiding me," she tilts her head to the side.

"Avoid you? Me? Are you sure you have the right girl?" Gerda mocks innocently.

Iris grits her pearly teeth, "Now now, little sister. Don't be like that." Gerda grimances, they were only half sisters on their father's side. They didn't like each other much, but would defend or help each other in a heart beat.

"Thanks, so, how have you been?"

"Ok, helped a boy today. Oh, and I managed to calm people down from having panic attacks the moment you walk in-"

"HEY! That was an accident! It wasn't my fault that their was a fight and I wasn't prepared for it."

"That's just the thing, Gee. You need to be prepared, at all times. You're powers are unpredicable." Gerda knew this, that's why that psychic Dilyla was shocked at the mini air explosion. It just happened, like it always does, whether Gerda wants it to or not.

"I know," Gerda replys quietly. Iris smiles smally, and hugs her taller, younger sister lightly.

"It'll be OK, Gee. It'll all be OK. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise. That's why we're sisters, kinda like yin and yang-"

"Yeah, you're the happy, healing one. Whilst, I'm the quiet, slightly depressing explosive girl."

"Hmm... quiet, explosive. Nice oxymoron."

"Shut up, Iris." They laugh quietly, and sit on the teacher's desk.

The End

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