Suit yourself, your funeralMature

"Suit yourself" Dilyla says heading for the door.

"What?" Gerda says looking up at her confused.

"I said suit yourself, its your funeral" she grabs the handle and turns. Gerda jumps up running after the girl sticking the watch deep in her pocket.

"Why is it my funeral?" Gerda asks. Dilyla looks across at the girl then turns back to consentrate on the path ahead. She pulls up her hood and slides on her glasses.

Cause that watch contains information and ain't just a pretty feature. Gerda stops and stares at her shocked.

She turns and tilts her head smiling slightly amused.

"Mind reading can be done both ways" she explains then begins once again down the hall.

"Wait, what information?" Gerda asks trying to keep up with Dilyla's swift walks and turns.

"Don't know thats why I wanted to look at it?" she turns her head to look at her.

"I'm not giving it to you" Gerda says hand going to her pocket.

"Didn't say you had to. I just want you to open it.... somewhere private of course" she says smiling slightly.

Gerda begins to think. "I'll meet you in the libary tonight we'll do it in a Study room" then she leaves almost running in the opposite direction.

But Dilyla knew she would keep to her word. She turned then.

"Bang!" It echoed through the school. Then without hesitation she headed to find two people.

Both in black suits, both carrying pistols, one male, one female. They turned there heads when Dilyla arrived and pulled up their guns.

Which was a mistake. She twisted grabbed the mans wrist twisted it he fell to his knees screaming.

The girl fired but Dilyla ducked and brought her fist hard across the womens face.

People had been watching including the boy Finlay.

"I thought you read minds?" he mutters.

"Telepathy, visions and fast reflexes" she says looking down at the two fully grown adults.

One of the girls whispers to Finlay and his eyes go wide. She glares at him, turns on her heels and leave.

She know what she said, She's lived here her whole life, no one knows how powerful she could be, but its way beyond normal.

The Outsider among Outsiders. That was what she was.

The End

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