Dilyla grabs Gerda's wrist, almost pulling it out of its socket. Gerda stands up straight, clutching the watch close to her chest. Dilyla cocks her head to the side, "What have you got there, Gerda?"

Gerda licks her lips, "I-I... I don't know."

Dilyla smiles lightly, "Well then, why don't you let me see?"

"NO!" She screams a puff of smoke explodes in the air, Dilyla steps back, eyes wide in shock as Gerda's hand slaps over her mouth in shock.

Gerda stumbles to a chair, sliding the watch into her left pocket, the furthest one away from Dilyla. Gerda inhales deeply, inhaling deep calming breaths, just calm down, Gerda. Calm down.

"Why do you need to calm?" Dilyla asks, making her jump.

She turns to Dilyla, "'Cause otherwise, I could either kill you and everyone else in this God forsaken place up," she inhales deeply, "Or, I could burn the place down. Again, killing you and everyone else here."

"What about you?"

"Meh, I can survive it. Don't ask why, I just don't know."

"Ok then."

"Yeah." She clucks her tounge. She notices that Dilyla looks slightly edgy. Gerda narrows her eyes, "What're you hiding?"

"Huh... What are you on about?"

Gerda tilts her head to the side, "Right. Of course not." Gerda holds the watch in her hands, heating it so that if she came for it she could destroy it. She knew the message. She didn't really need it.

They stand starring at each other, Dilyla looking edgy, hiding her secret tightly in her mind. Gerda holds the watch tightly, instictivly knowing that she wouldn't let anyone else have it. Ever.

The End

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