Pocket WatchesMature

She had seen the commotion and left. Dilyla didn'tn bother to get involved everythings was fine and no one was hurt.

Well, except the teacher but she didn't want to go near a dead body. It creeped her out how the mind was just a dull shell, not thoughts or future intwined around him.

She went straight to a private study room. She sat taking in deep breathes. Her knees were pulled to her chest and her head was buried in them.

A flash of light reached her and the vision started....

You're not meant to open it, not one smidge. Memories are locked in them. One of them contains a special memory.

The headmaster would be furious if he knew that I had swapped his for mine. I hate being a teacher at this school.

Too many secrets. These Pocket Watches contain them.

She sucked back to the present.

Was that.... a vision of the past. Her thoughts were almost silent. She'd never had a vision of the past it was usually of the future.

That voice as well was the voice of the dead teacher. A Pocket Watch? Why so special?

She needed to know more but she couldn't force another vision for a while now. Dilyla sighed and stood up.

There was noises in the hall and a girl ran into the study closing the door quickly behind her.

It was impossible to have stayed away all day, The girls thoughts were scared. Her hand was clutched tightly around something. Her clothes were wet, so it was obvious she had been outside and probably for a while from the way it was soaking up on the carpet.

The girl turned and jumped back. Dilyla grabbed her wrist before she fell. Her eyes turned to the girls hand clutched tighter around a circular object.

"What have you got there Gerda?" she asks tilting her head.

The End

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