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Gerda edged towards the teachers body, her head cocked forward slightly as she examined it. She has always been good at ddealing with death, the boy that had shown her to the 'incredible disappering trainer', seemed to be talking into air. Must be a ghost or something, she thinks.

She gasps as she sees a huge, bloody gash in the teachers side. She crouches down, careful not to touch the scene and incriminate herself, and leans in towards him. Behind her, other students were congratulating Findley, who blushed in response. Nobody paid any attention to her or the body, thank goodness, Gerda thinks happily.

Gerda picks a black ballpoint pen from under the teacher's desk, leaning back to the corpse she lifts the suit jacket slightly. More cheers behind her, makes her jump slightly, she shakes herself going back to the dead body. She frowns, something's not quite right here...

In the dimly lit corner, something gold catches Gerda's eye. Her head tilts to the side and, without thinking twice, her hand darts down picking the loop up pulling it towards her. She quickly pockets it, turning around. No teachers are there still.

The students have lifted Findley up in the air, the boy that was talking to ghosts, laughs at his face - Findley's not his own. Gerda raises her eyebrow at the scene, goes to the door, pulls out her mobile and dials the police using the secret code to hide her number, she leaves it so they can track the address.

"Hello, nine nine nine. What service do you require?" The voice says.

"Hey, I need the police, a teacher has been killed today," Gerda's breath is level and seemingly calm, although inside her head all hell is running loose.

"Ok," The voice sounds panically. "Where are you?"

"At a school, I don't know the address or name, I was jsut made to come here. I wasn't allowed any of the details."

"Right," Gerda smiles, acknowelging that the voice sounds as if it doesn't believe her. Like she's a complete nutter. "Can I take a name please?"

"I'd rather not, annonomous calls and all that."

"I really think tha-"

"You don't understand, do you? I don't think this school would tell you. Ju-just come here, and check it out. This school should be well protected, yet a gunman still made his way in. Please, come." A noise makes her start, she turns her head around to the door, people were coming through. She gulps. "I-I have to go. Bye!"

She hangs up, and takes the battery and sim out just incase. As she puts it back together she sees a teacher, looking extremly shifty walk through. Gerda squeezes behind a metal wardrobe, she hears the teachers talk in hissed monotones. She hears them talk about a missing watch on the teacher. CRAP!!!!

She hears the people walk away, she sneaks out and runs out of the school, glancing around as she goes. She ran down to a local park, and ducked into a little play house. The park was deserted, as it was only three in the afternoon and it was raining.

She pulls out the gold thing from in her pocket, she looks down. It was a watch, this is the watch, those teachers were on about. She opens it and a small piece of parchment falls out onto her curled lap. Her long fingers reach down and she just glances at it, her fine eyebrows crease together, her big eyes narrowing.

Don't Forget.

1920. 1950. 1980. 2010.

"What the hell does that mean?" She whispers to herself. The numbers were obviously dates, going up in thirties, ending on this year. Gerda groans inwardly, banding her head lightly against the side of the tackly play house. She quickly slides the parchment saftly into the watch, slipping it into her pocket.

She crawls out, she feels people watching her, so she nonchanlently strolls to the swings and well... she swings on them, watching the school as she goes.

The End

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