Nicola: Put the gun downMature

I see a man with a few kids looking quite terrified holding a gun. I looked quite stupid looking , being a little too high on the Painkillers. Why did I take to may?

" Woah put the gun down, or someone is going to get hurt and I can guarantess its going to be you." My threat doesn't sound that intimidating though. 

He cocks the gun

" Holy crap you mean buisness."  I snap my finger at the same time he pulls the trigger.  He falls to the ground shaking.

I step backwards seeing blood spray from my chest it didn't hurt as much as it should but it definetly woke me up. The world came into better focus.A few more guys show up , with guns behind me I hear a door open.  I didn't think I had enough in me to get these guys but I was going to try. I clap my hands once Agian thunder emenates throughout the school.

I grin a small smile and lightning bolts shoot from my hands as I fall backwards from exhaustion , and pass out.


The End

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