Dilyla jolted up awake. Her dream wasn't normal more like a vision telling her where Elisa hid the script.

She looks down at the leather bound book in her hands. She turns opening a draw grabing a small lock and key from the draw.

She was going to use it for her diary but she felt this information to be more valuable and secretive.

One more look, she thought opening to the second page.

13 June 1984

Dear Diary,

I'm scared. The words and codes I am finding in the script are becoming very strange. I don't have to report until friday with the information but I'm not sure if I want to any more.

The words are speaking of some ancient spell or object that people like us fourght for during many wars.

This fight for it lasted decades until it went missing and was forgotten. I don't know this really does seem a bit over dramatic.

But the last scentence I worked out frightened me half to death. It said 'If you value your sanity and good will do not search for the Secret'.

Why are the school after it then? Zoe Kennedy seems to be in on whats happening she watches me from a corner as I work out the script.

Its a bit weird actually. It's late and I fear if I put to much in her it will become dangerous to have this. Its so obvious they don't want me writing about it. Oh, well good night.

Elisa Dena

Dilyla stared at the page long and hard befor closing the book and sercuring the lock. The key was on a chain which she put around her neck and slid beneath her t-shirt.

Then commotion went off in the hall followed by gun shots. She shoved the diary into a secret compartment in the floor boards and locked that to which used the same key.

Then opening her door she ran out to find out who had fired those bullets that she heard.

The End

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