Nicola: Will not break.Mature

I take one last kick to the stomach and gasp for air. I was pretty bruised up but not broken.  I get untied from the stand and get complimented for not screaming in pain. A trainer supports me up to my room. 

" How do you feel?"  She asks kindly

" I feel like me."

" Physically?"

" I will not break ever." Still not giving straight answers.

I open my room up and slip from her support quickly onto my bed.

" Whatever you are irratating. You act all tough becuase you think no one cares for you, but thats not true." The trainer tells me.

I clap my hands together and a sound of thunder emenates from them.

" I suggest you leave now I also suggest you try to know something about someone before you assume. " I say angrily.

I knew truelly she was partially right but wasn't the full deal , and that pissed me off. As she left I calm down. I weakly got of bed and pulled on a loose tile with a few pictures , and a few tokens  from my not so complicated life.  At the very bottom was some painkillers from times I get beaten like this. I took probably to many and in a few minutes I felt great, and got up. Only to fine the halls very empty must be classtime.  I thought to myself but something didn't feel right.

The End

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