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Dilyla decided to go to the libary during lunch. She needed to find that book. She heard commotion from the gym area.

Zoe Kennedy? Dilyla thought, her book. She raced to the libary and past the libarian in a rush. She traveled to the thrid row, fith shelf.

It rested on a wall. She looked around then brought the ladder to the shelf. She climbed and took the seventh book across of the shelf.

It was bound in brown leather and had a black ribbon tight around it. She slid down the ladder and jumped off.

"This way" Zoe Kennedy's voice came clear to Dilyla through the girls thoughts. They were just entering the libary.

Too late, Dilyla thought looking down at the book. She unzipped her jacket and shoved the book there between the folds. Then zipping it back up she raced to around the outskirts of the libary avoiding the group Zoe had collected.

Poor Finlay, she thought, first day and he's already been brought into this terrible life.

Dilyla foot hit the corridor and she took off. A few students had rooms at the school but not many.

Only the ones that had no where else to go. Dilyla was one of them. Her family had mostly died a year or two after she was born and she was taken in by a trainer from this school since it was obvious that she had powers.

Although she could almost speak the whole english language by the age of two. She could even speak small words of french, spanish and german. But no reason for her to show off.

She hated what she could do. She was an Outsider among the Outsiders, which was probably the lowest you could go.

No one dared get close to her enough to find out what she was truely like. But that didn't matter to her she didn't need friends.

She got to her room and slamed the door shut locking it behind her. She took out the book, switch the light on then sat down on her bed. She opened to the first page.

It was set as a diary.

12 June 1984

Dear Diary,

This might just be another stupid hobby I give up. But mum said its a great plan to write down all your thoughts. Not like it will be much use later in life.

I came to the new special school today. Some people here don't know whats happening they are ignorant to the magic and powers happening around them. A new girl other than me came to the school today.

Zoe Kennedy, her power is the same to the headmasters. To never age what an amzing power that would be. People are jelouse of her, Especially since thats not her only power. 

Not me I couldn't care less if she controlled the whole solar system. My powers much more delicate, being able to see the meaning of things.

Seeing the codes and incriptions hidden among others. They're making me work on an old script that they found. It's slightly more complicated than anything I've worked on. But that won't stop me from figuring it out.

It's late now, I better get to sleep.

Elisa Dena

Dilyla stared at the book. She knew who Elisa Dena was. She disappeared in 2002 a year before anyone still remain at the school came.

Everyone besides Zoe Kennedy obiviously. Dilyla closed the book and tied the ribbon tight. She clutch the book close to her and lied down closing her eyes.

She tried to see something, anything, that would help them. But nothing came. In fact Dilyla fell off to sleep.

The End

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