Dilyla walked quickly down the hall. She was late for class and although it didn't matter she still thought she could at least get there before the teacher got half way through.

Then bang. Dilyla stopped her eyes when all purple and students turned to look, well the magic once anyway.

They watched intently knowing what came next.

Bright city lights, down town. Seven people including myself.... Finlay, Gerda, Hope, Cadell, Nicola, Kita..... Is there any more?

Keep running. Something in my hands. A book, containing......

Dilyla is drag back to the present and she breathes in a breath between her teeth. She turns running her feet hitting the corridor hard.

She heads for the headmasters office. "May I help you?" his receptionists asks.

Dilyla walks up. "Urgent" she hisses. The receptionist immediatly gets the problem and lowers the shield down from around the headmasters office.

Dilyla doesn't look back she walks urgently into the headmasters office. Forcing the door open.

Mr Tomson looks up. His hair is white but not with age, he has green eyes which seem to hold an eternity of knowledge, he has a large scar from the right side of his right eye to the start of his color bone, he's tall enough that he would stand above most people and he has muscles of regular size but don't make the mistake that he's not really strong.

Dilyla stands in front of him arms wrapped across her chest, hood up, glasses hanging from the color of her jacket and headphones out with ipod turned off.

"What do I owe for this kind visit?" Mr Tomson asks placing down his pen and leaning forward on his arms.

"I had a vision. Me and possibly six or more others were in the centre of town running" She say her voice calm with hint of annoyance.

His thoughts a wild with memories of his long life. You see Mr Tomson's power is to never age which comes useful since he also has the power to heal.

"Interesting, do you know where abouts in town?" he asks tilting his head.

Dilyla shakes her head. "To many lights and we were running. I usually see from my point of view or the person involved in the vision" I say. That's the problem with Dilyla's Vision's she can only see it if some one else will see it in the future.

Dilyla nods. "So there you go I'm leaving" she says turning on her heels.

She reaches the door just as Mr Tomson calls to here. "Dilyla" he calls, she turns her head to look back. "Thanks for informing me"

He smiles and Dilyla nods again. "Sure, Mr Tomson" she says calmly.

"I thought I asked you to call me by my name" he say tapping his pen that he picked back up when she was heading out.

"Of course, Toujours" she says nodding. French for Forever. It seems to everyone like he's lived that long.

The End

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