Cadell: Newbie? Interesting...Mature

Having escorted the girl back to the school and handing her over to the nearest trainer to be taken care of, Cadell wandered off through the corridoors towards his next class. As he went, several ghosts appeared at his shoulders, all whispering excitedly about some new student that had arrived. Cadell waved them off irritably when their jabbering started making his ears ache, cursing loudly in Welsh when they wouldn't leave him alone.

A new student eh? Well, he thought, that was nothing really out of the ordinary. There were a lot of newer students around, the girl he'd just dealt with was clearly one of them. A lot of the newbies had serious problems controlling their power, which was one of the easiest ways to pick them out. Cadell often took it upon himself to help some of them out when things got sticky, for he knew just how it felt to suddenly be doing really freaky things without knowing how. Even his parents had thought about sending him to an asylum when he'd told them he was hearing ghosts. And the incident with the water jug...

Cadell shook his head and pushed the incident out of his mind. No, he wouldn't think about that now. He had enough on his plate.

Suddenly he rounded a corner and, in front of the gymnasium, spotted a small skinny boy accompanied by one of the trainers. Cadell recognised her as Diana Smith, one of the water elementals. This must be the new kid, he thought. Well, let's go say hello then.

"Morning Mrs. Smith," he said, his accent making the words sound incredibly strange, "I see you have someone new with you? The ghosts told me about you, what's your name?"

The End

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