New DudeMature

Dilyla walked quickly down the hall. Something was wrong, something was terribly wrong.

She turned into the office and there it was the reason of all her distress. His mind burned with confusion, hatred, sadness and many more emotions that Dilyla couldn't pink point.

"Who are you?" she asks, her voice slightly demanding. The boy looks up and his eyes go wide. Uh, you'd think he'd never seen a decent girl before the way he looked at her.

"Don't be harsh on him he just got here" Iris says coming out of a door on the other side of the room carrying a hot chocolate and scone.

Dilyla leans against the door frame.

"Well, he's giving off so much its scrambeling my mind reading" she says, the boys eyes go wide. "And giving me a headache"

"Well, I'm sure poor Finlay is just scared. Aren't you?" Iris says taking on the motherly act.

Although, tell the truth, Finlay seemed out right frightened of Iris's close. So much it almost made Dilyla laugh if she didn't feel slight pity for Iris.

She was only trying to help him. "I'll take over from here Iris" Dilyla says pushing herself up from the wall. Iris looks at her confused. "I have a free period and you have training"

She nods hands Finlay his drink and snack then walks gracefully out the room. She walks over and slumps down in the seat opposite the boy.

"Whats your powers then?" her mind was burning and her pain obviously showed in her voice.

"Are you okay?" he asks his brow creasing with worry.

"I'm fine" she says pressing a hand to her head. "My powers are just painful"

"How come?" Dilyla looked at him, he seemed quite interested.

"About four hundred voice's in your head chattering away figure it out?" she says resting her head back. The boy took a swig of his hot chocolate.

This is interesting, I wonder how many people have powers. Are all of them as scary?...... Why does this girl not make me feel uncomfortable?

"What's wrong with girls?" Dilyla asks tilting her head to the side to look at him.

"Umm.... Uhhh, noth-th-things w-wrong" he tongue stumbles over the words and Dilyla concentrates on his mind.

"Sorry, about your mum.... although you don't seem to have much respect for her" Dilyla says leaning forward.

He goes bright red then quickly begins on his scone and drink trying to avoid Dilyla's gaze.

Better keep my thoughts more complicated.

"Don't bother I excell in Maths, Science, History, Classical Civalisation and all that jazz...... I think it might be cause of my powers mostly" Dilyla says resting back once again and shrugging.

"Wha-What's going to happen?" he mutters.

"A trainer will come when he's free, one close to your power.... What is it?" she asks once again.

"Water I sort of control and create it" he mutters, but she knew as soon as the thought came to his head.

"You'll get Diana Smith probably she can manipulate the particals but not create it" she says.

He nods then they decend into silence.

The End

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