Nicola: Lockers do hurt if used proeperlyMature

" Shut it!" I say uppercutting the kid who kept ratting on me to the teachers.

" Oh you want to go?" He stumble backwards wiping his now bleeding mouth.

" Like hell I do Brandon." I say spin kicking him on the side.

Brandon doesn't fall over because an ice kane forms in his hand catching him. He proceed to grabbing my head and slamming it into the locker. I can feel my nose breaking from the force of slamming into the locker.   He then drags my head across the lockers. I snap my finger then touch the lockers send him a electric shock of his life. 

" Ahhhh!" He yells at his newly burned hand.

" Ha ha Brandon thats what you...."  I stopped seeing  a trainer

" Stop it boys."she tells us,"Nicola your with me. Brandon go to class."

I was in trouble agian for the second time. I rubb my hand irratably through my spikey static died orange hair. I searched for an out with my lightning blue eyes. Nothing.  We arrive at the office, I hang up my black denim jacket on the coat hanger and sit in my usual seat waiting for a new lecture.  The seat was made small to make our princple feel more intimidating.

" Nicola twice you have been in my office. Isn't normal punishment enough?"

" No it is." I say remembering cleaning out the hideouse bathroom toilettes.

" This time you got into a fight with Brandon. Who is our personnel hall watch wich means something more grievious. How about being a perssonel pucnhing bag in training?"

"Pff. you wouldn't."

Wrong thing to say.

The End

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