Hope: how is nobody noticing this?Mature

Hope stared wide eyed out of the window, the creeper continually twining itself around her arm, tugging at her jumper. Another boy had run to the tree and was talking to the girl who looked like she had started the fire. She saw him conjure up something. Was she going mad? The teacher's words pulled her out of this reverie.

'Hope did you want to ask something?'

Hope looked up and saw that her slightly green hand was still raised in the air. 'Ermm...yes! There's a tree out there, it's on fire but there's a boy making some kind of misty thing to eat the flames, we should get someone!'

The teacher's eyes narrowed. 'Hope Andrews, I think you spend too much time with your head in the clouds. Nothing is happening outside.'

Hope frowned as she turned to see the flames still licking at the trunk. That poor tree...she felt a sharp pain in her head. 'Ow!' she cried out loud. 'How is nobody noticing this?'

A ruler slammed sharp down onto Hope's desk. 'Hope! Go and stand outside the classroom. I cannot believe I have to say this to a high school girl. You are being very childish.'

Hope shuffled out of class but as soon as the door shut she ran outside to the people standing around the tree. It seemed to be safe from flames at this stage. Hope sighed with relief as her headache eased away in a matter of seconds. She pushed through the students until she reached the boy and girl who had been suspiciously close to this occurance.

'What's going on?' Hope cried, an instant desire to touch the singed trunk of the tree overwhelming her. What scared her more was that as soon as she laid a finger on the bark, it seemed to heal to a normal bark colour, but free of lichens and with more leaves and blossom on the branches. Hope spun around to the confused two people beside her.

The End

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