Cadell: Here We Go Again...Mature

Cadell had been snoozing contentedly against the walls of the school when he heard the screaming. Looking up, he turned and looked over towards the source of the disturbance. From what he could deduce, someone had set fire to a tree. The result? Panic.

Oh joy. Looks like somebody's lost control. Time to go mop up the mess.

With a sigh, Cadell set the plant pot he had been levitating back on the ground and strode out towards the burning tree, dark red-brown hair whipping dramatically around his shoulders as the breeze danced around him like a playful animal. Pushing his way through the masses of terrified students, the rangy Welshman finally managed to reach the source of the disturbance. A girl was on her knees on the ground, looking more frustrated than scared. Leaned down and offered a hand, the gold flecks in his eyes gleaming in the light of the fire. Pulling her to her feet, Cadell turned back to the tree, conjuring up a small ghost to try and quell the flames as he turned back to the girl.

"I don't suppose you can turn off the fireworks?" he said casually, looking absently at the blazing tree and masses of screaming students, "I think the sheep are getting a little freaked out."

The End

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