Hope: roots and shoots.Mature


Hope shoved her bags up her arm, trying to remain dignified on the way to school. It was hard when she found herself breaking into a run to get there in time. Stupid alarm clock. She half-trotted through the gates with a minute to spare. Phewf.

The first class was history, a subject that Hope was proud to say bored her more than anything in the world. She was more a scientist: she wanted to get out there, see nature. Biology was her favourite. Hope usually took to staring out of the window in history, but today...

She could have sworn that the hanging plant outside the window, which was slightly ajar on this warm day, had moved. No. It couldn't have. It was the heat-she wasn't used to the unexpected summery weather and it was affecting her brain. That and the boring nature of the subject matter. Hmm...

It did it again! Hope blinked in bewilderment as she saw the creepers edging ever so slowly through the window. They couldn't be...why had nobody else noticed this? Hope put her head in her hands. Hallucinations. That had to be it. Come on, calm down...but if it was a hallucination, what-what was it doing on her desk? Hope reached out for it. It was definitely there. Her hands! Her hands were turning green!


Hope stared in dismay, before raising her oddly discoloured hand. She had to get some water... just then she turned to the window, a sudden sharp pain in her head.

There outside was a tree burning, with some squealing students around it and one who looked frustrated, but not at all alarmed.

What was happening?

The End

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