Ah hell! She though as she ran down the cracked pavement leading to the 'special' school. First day, and am already late. Perfect. Gerda was named after the pagan goddess of beauty, magic, fire, the sun and the day time. Her mother liked those kind of names. Several of those meanings were so true that Gerda found it highly ironic.

She ran on her tiptoes, her long legs leading the way, her long, burgandy hair, shaking on her pale face as she glances around, her emerald green eyes looking out for anyone... dangerous. Her hands encovered in thick wolly gloves, they look harmless, but they keep her 'gift' in shape. All she has to do is to not to think about fire or explosions, if she does then, you just don't want to know.

She tips around the front iron gates. Pushes open the gates, a bell goes off, sending shockwaves through her slim. Oh. She rushes outside again trying to escape, a fight is going on, not good for her, not good at all. Fire. Fights. Explosions. Oh No! She could feel her eyes burn, a tree combusts, with blue flames. And it's begun. Gerda thinks to herself, shaking.

Students scream. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! She backs away, fear and unknowing knowlege shakes her. Her foot trips on bag, she falls to the floor, her hands fling back, the ground explodes beneigh her slender hands. Oh, well done Gee, nice entrance, She thinks as screams echo around the burning air.

The End

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