The SchoolMature

Dilyla keep her hood up as she headed for the office. She was on Watch duty.

Uh, she hated watching the stupid monitor for newbies. It's not like she didn't have enough problems.

Well, the Mind reading and future seeing wasn't a big deal. Oh course it was. It chewed and nagged at her brain when she heard to many thoughts. She found it still hard to control her powers even after the numerous number of trainers at this stupid 'Special' school trying to help her.

They didn't understand how Dilyla felt. She quickly pulled up her hood as she entered a bizzy hall. It covered her Midnight black hair that went most way down her back and a side fringe shadowed her left eye.

Her eyes were quite extrodinary but not odd among the crowds at the school. They sort of glowed purple and a thick black circle surrounded her irises. Then there was her face, it was thin with high cheek bones, her skin was a pale cream, her eyes were large oval's, her nose was small and her lips were small and quite red.

She shoved in her earphones and slipped on her pitch black glasses. She didn't need to see to walk. A talent she learned, she could walk through a maze of spikes and come out the other side unscathered blind folded.

People moved out of her path and even though her small defences helped she could still hear some powerful thoughts sent her way.

Freak. Why does she get special treatment? She has the looks but still hides up cause she's scared of her powers, what a moron.

Each thought is tainted with jelousy and Dilyla hated it. She didn't want to be notice but instead she got tons of it.

She at least now had some slight respect. Everyone knew she wished to be left alone and thats what they did. Left her to deal with the pain of her powers on her own.

Which while sometimes lonely, easier to deal with. She hates it when people try to mess in her buisness. She enter the Watching room and sits down at the high tech controls.

She pulls back her hood, takes out her earphones, slides of her glasses and slips on the full headset.

Then a beep goes of wildly.

"What the-" Dilyla shouts jumping back scrambling for the right button.

She finds it and hits it hard sending out a package to the boys location. Time for him to join the party.

The End

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