The school for outsiders: The lost secretMature

Ever wondered what would happen if CHERUB met Harry Potter? Thats what this story is about. Combining the magic and fantasy of Hogwarts with the thrill and suspense of CHERUB creates an amazing tale of magical spy children. A must-read


Finlay Mackenzie stared at his blue hands. Blue? That wasn't a normal colour for hands to be. But nothing on the school field was normal at this moment in time. His palms were drenched but his fingers were bone dry. At last, he looked up and looked at Chris Ball who was sprawled out on the water-logged grass. How had it happened? How had he managed to send the biggest person in Year 9 flying across the field?

Chris had started his day normally enough. Pushing people over. Stealing from school bags. Starting fights. He never suspected anything would go wrong when fighting against weedy and bespectacled Finlay Mackenzie. He was wrong. He began by insulting the terrified nerd and mocking his mannersims. That was when Finlay grew mad. He had felt his blood rushing through him, his body surging with powers. He lifted up his palms and splashed Chris with a few drops of magically appearing water. Normally, Finlay would have been bleeding by now but everyone was in shock. That was when the school had begun to shake as the pipes fought to break free. Water burst from every direction to attack thier target. The cold jets blistering the bullies face and arms. The overweight teen was lifted off his feet by the serpent of the sea and sent flying across the field.

The water died down when Finlay grew scared. Chris wasn't moving, Year 7's were crying, teachers were stunned. All he could do now was run.

The End

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