New School, New ClothesMature

Carmen hobbled off the plane. After Nicola had thrown up, she'd clutched the heavy seat the rest of the ride. She stretched her aching fingers and walked slowly, trying to keep her Jelly legs from crumbling under-neath her.

"Sorry about what happened on the plane," she heard someone behind her. Nicola was walking, shivering, still with no blanket.

"It's alright," smiled Carmen, "Do you want my shall? It's really warm,"

"Uh," Carmen removed her shall and slung it over Nicola's shoulders. He shivered a little bit and pulled the ends together. "Thanks,"

Carmen looked away from Nicola and at the school. "Oh my gosh," she whispered. The school was huge! It was the biggest building Carmen had ever seen.

"Where will I stay?"

"They have rooms," said Nicola.

"You stay in the school?" he laughed and Carmen looked at him with a questioning expression on her face. "That's new,"

Mr. Bronwin was talking to Finlay and Dilyla. Carmen thought he was weird. What had he meant when he'd said "You got the power?" . Was it a prediction? Or just saying that her power was cool? Carmen didn't like the english sayings, they were confusing. She didn't understand him.

The inside of the school was even more impressive. Everything was so grand and beautiful. Carmen didn't feel right standing here in her dirty clothes and long, messy hair. Everyone seemed so . . . clean! She always had dirt on her clothes back home. And what were the girls wearing? She hadn't noticed before. She really needed to get new clothes, maybe Dilyl, Kita, Gerda and Hope would help her. She hoped so, otherwise she'd probobaly come back with something that wasn't very nice at all. 

The End

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